This site is operated by "The Travel Corner” which is the trading name of “K. SARAKINOS KAI SIA OE.” having a registered office in Kassiopi Village Corfu 490 81 - Greece (VAT No EL082555862) and is fully licensed by the Greek Tourist Authority (Official Licence no: 08.29.E.61.00.00623.00) and the Civil Aviation Authority (License no: 007/KAKK). It is also member of HATTA (Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agents) and GUATA (Greek Union of Air Travel Agencies).

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, since they, along with the other relevant information on our website, set out the terms and conditions which will apply to you when you book any flight(s), accommodation, car hire, boat hire resort transfers, or any other services through “The Travel Corner”.

Definitions and Interpretations

In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply unless the context otherwise requires.

"The Company” shall mean “The Travel Corner” and where the context permits shall include its employees and references to “us”, “we”"our" and "ourselves" shall likewise be references to the "Company".

“The Client” shall mean the person(s) in whose name the booking is made and shall include the person or person on whose behalf the same is made whether that be an individual or another company or other legal person. It is a stipulation that the person who makes the booking (“the client”) must be at least 18 and that person is responsible for payment of the total cost of the booking, including any insurance premiums, cancellation or amendment charges that may be or become payable. It is specifically a term of the agreement that he or she also agrees to provide accurate and full information to the remainder of the party in relation to the booking, and by confirming the booking, confirms that all the other members of the party, including any that are added or substituted at a later date, agree to be bound by these conditions and all other information on our website. When you book your flight and any other service you will have to pay the full cost of the flight and any other services you book at the same time. We regret we cannot accept any booking for a child or children under 18 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

"Airline" means the airline(s) which provides your flight(s).

"Arrangements" means the flight(s) , car hire, or any other service you book through us or any of them.

“Booking” means your booking with  “The Travel Corner”.

"Conditions" means these terms and conditions.

"Flight" means the flight(s) you book through “The Travel Corner”.

“Accommodation” means the accommodation that you book through  “The Travel Corner”.

"You" and "your" means all persons (or any of them as applicable) named on your booking (including the person who makes the booking and anyone who is added or substituted at a later stage).

Where reference is made to “airport” or "port" this is to include, in relation to travel by ferry or by boat, to the port of debarkation.

Website Accuracy

Things may change and errors may occur after information is placed on our website. We check regularly to see if we need to update or correct any information and in the event that there are any significant information changes or mistakes, we will put updated details on our website as soon as they are noted so you will receive the latest information when you make your booking. In the event that you have already booked, then we will do our best to inform you about any significant changes or mistakes which affect you before you travel.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all information displayed on this website, regrettably errors may occasionally occur.

How to Book

One person, acting on behalf of all other(s) that may be involved, can make a booking with the “Travel Corner” online or by phone, fax, e-mail or a letter. You will be advised  of the total holiday cost for all the arrangements made and also the amount you have to pay the company immediately in order for your booking to be confirmed. There will be no contract between the “company” and the “client” and no booking is valid, until a confirmation invoice has been issued. The company will issue the confirmation invoice after it has received the correct amount of money, being either deposit or full payment for booking or bookings concerned.

The minimum initial deposit required for Airline / Ferry Tickets or Accommodation only / Inclusive holiday bookings is 30% of the total cost, unless otherwise agreed at the time the booking is made and confirmed in writing thereafter.

The full balance of the booking must be paid as follows:

Scheduled Airline or Ferry Boat tickets: Payment may be required to be made immediately depending upon the particular requirements of the ticket issuer being the Airline or Ferry Company  (Time limit for document issuance).

Charter tickets or Accommodation only or Inclusive holiday bookings: Eight weeks before departure, the exact date of which will be stated on your first invoice.

Transfer only bookings: Full payment at the time the booking is made.

How to pay

  1. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX for payment.  There are not any credit card charges for deposit payments or if a holiday is paid in full at the time of the booking. There will be a charge of 1.5% for any credit or debit card used to pay the final balance of a holiday.   A charge of 2% will be levied to any type of arrangements that do not involve Accommodation or Car Hire.
  2. By Bankers Draft made payable to The Travel Corner.
  3. By Bank Transfer to a UK Bank Account or Greek Bank account.


Your holiday price may increase as a result of surcharges including but not exclusively in relation to the following items: Government action; aircraft fuel; over flying charges; airport taxes and possible increases in scheduled fares. Any surcharges incurred will be added to your final invoice.

Please note that there will be NO surcharge chargeable where the booking made is for accommodation only or where the booking relates exclusively to Car or Boat hire.

Booking amendments and cancellations by the client

a. Amendments:

In some instances it may be possible to make adjustments to your booking arrangements once your booking has been confirmed and in those circumstances we will use our best endeavours to arrange the changes if at all possible. Any changes you may seek to make, such as, but not exclusively, changes to departure times dates, flight or ferries times, name changes, accommodation changes etc may incur an amendment fee and that fee will vary according to each operator’s (airline, ferry company, hotel) particular conditions. We will try our best to avoid such charges but where that is unavoidable any of the above mentioned fees will be added on to the total booking cost.


All cancellations by the client must be in writing, either by recorded delivery mail, fax or by receipted E-Mail. Cancellation applies only from the date of receipt by the “company” of the cancellation notification. If the cancellation notification is received 57 days or more before the departure date, then only the initial deposit is forfeit plus any costs incurred from any non-refundable and non changeable travel reservations, such as scheduled airline tickets with special conditions, etc.

Within this period the following percentage of the total booking price will be payable as cancellation by the client:

  • More than  70 days: Loss of deposit
  • Between 70 - 35 days: 70%
  • Between 24 - 21 days: 90%
  • Between 20 and the departure date or later: 100%  

Please note:

Many scheduled and charter airline tickets are not transferable and non refundable and the Company reserves the right to treat such name changes as full cancellations.

Cancellation and changes by the Company

As the arrangements for your holiday are made a long time in advance, there may be occasions when we may need to make changes to them. Usually these changes are very minor and where we consider it to be appropriate we will notify you of such changes. In order to ensure that required changes do not threaten your holiday arrangements we reserve the right to make the necessary changes to your holiday bookings and arrangements at any time.

In any case where a major change becomes necessary, such as where there is: a change in departure date; departure airport; or departure time - where that change exceeds 12 hours, or a change of resort, then we will notify you as soon as is reasonably possible and if there is time to do so before your departure.

In this case you will have the following options:

 a. Accept the altered arrangements or

b. Making different arrangements that suit you better or

c. Canceling the arrangements and get full refund of any moneys paid to the Company.


Compensation payments are as follows:

Period before major change is notified to you Amount per person exc. Infants or free children.

More than 70 days: Nil

43 – 70 days: € 15

29 - 42 days: € 25

15 - 28 days: € 35

0 - 14 days: € 45

Please note:

We will not pay compensation where changes to arrangements is caused as a result to force majeure, war or threat of war, riots, civil strike, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, technical problems to transport, fire or adverse weather conditions, closure of airports or similar events beyond our control. For minor changes, such as flight time changes less than 12 hours, change of accommodation of the same or higher standards in the same resort, client has not got the right to cancel his arrangements at any time.

General Behaviour and Security Issues at Apartments & Hotels and any means of Transportation.

Vacation of Accommodation

According to the International Hoteliers regulations, all accommodation should be vacated at the latest by 11 o’clock midday on the day of departure. As a result clients’ travelling on night flights or night ferry sailings, will not have accommodation available to them after 11 o’clock midday on the date of departure unless it has specifically agreed or an alternative has been arranged locally. In that event a small charge maybe levied. In addition, as a result to the above, guests arriving on early morning flights or sailings are advised that they may not be able to occupy their accommodation until after 11 o’clock midday unless alternative arrangements can be made in which case a small charge may be levied.

Accommodation Occupancy

All the names of those persons staying at the accommodation overnight during the accommodation rental period must be provided to us before departure and those names must match those included on the final confirmation invoice. You must inform us of any additional people staying at the accommodation overnight and in this event you may incur extra charges at our discretion.

The number of people staying at the accommodation must not exceed the maximum number as shown in our website. We will ask any person to leave the accommodation in a case of non compliance.

Sub-letting, sharing, assignment or reselling is not permitted. The accommodations are booked for normal holiday use only and pets/animals are not allowed save where with written consent.


We do our utmost to ensure the security of any accommodation we provide (please see to our Health and Safety terms – which are specifically terms of this agreement) but the ultimate responsibility resides with the client to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to safeguard your own property. We recommend that you keep any money or valuables (however described) properly secured under lock and key. We accept no liability for loss, damage or theft of property or personal injury.

We recommend that clients purchase adequate travel insurance to cover such eventualities.

At a small extra cost we provide security boxes within our office facility where valuables can be stored.

Standards of care and behaviour

We require that accommodation is treated with respect and care. In the event that damage is occasioned to or inside the property or items kept within the premises then that must be reported to us (at the company’s office) immediately, being during opening hours on the day that the damage occurred.

For the avoidance of doubt you will remain liable for the acts and any damage caused by guests or persons on the property with your permission.

Reference to damage for these purposes is to include anti social behaviour including noise.

In the event of repeated poor behaviour or complaint we shall afford you a single oral warning whereupon should the conduct continue we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to evict you from the premises and thereafter we will be under no obligation whatsoever to pay you compensation or cover any costs you may incur as a result of having to make alternative arrangements.

We require that the property is properly looked after during your stay and left in a fit state on your departure. In the event that damage is discovered after your departure which has not been notified to us previously as required by this agreement, then we shall recover any amount of damages from the person in whose name the booking was made regardless of particular responsibility.

Behaviour generally

We reserve the right in our absolute discretion to terminate your holiday or any holiday services if your behaviour is likely, in our opinion or that of our employees or suppliers, to cause distress, damage, annoyance or danger to our employees or to any third party, or their property.

If you are prevented from travelling on an aeroplane because in the opinion of any person in authority at the airport, you appear for whatever reason unfit to travel, we have no further responsibility for your journey or your holiday, including any return flight. We will impose full cancellation charges and will not give any refunds. Furthermore, we will be under no obligation whatsoever to pay you compensation or cover any costs you may incur as a result of having to make alternative arrangements. We reserve the right to refuse any bookings that we think will be a nuisance to the owner.

Your responsibility

You are and remain at all material times personally responsible for your actions and the effect they may have on others. Airlines have a wide right to refuse carriage of passengers and/or their luggage (which includes removing passengers and/or their luggage at any stage after boarding/loading including at any intermediate stop (whether scheduled or not) or airport at which the aircraft lands or to which the aircraft is diverted.

In the event that you and/or your luggage is refused carriage by the airline, neither we nor the airline will pay you or anyone travelling with you any damages, compensation, refund(s) or any other sum(s) of any description whatsoever or meet any expenses or costs incurred as a result. Neither we nor the airline will have any further responsibility for you. If you are refused carriage on your outward flight, the airline is entitled to refuse carriage on your return flight or any other sector(s).

Responsibility for Travel Arrangements

You bear the exclusive responsibility to ensure that you arrive at the airport/point of debarkation well in advance of your flight/ferry departure in order to afford yourselves sufficient time to, collect tickets (if necessary), to check in and to reach your departure gate in proper time and in any event in accordance with directions provided by the airline/ferry line. It is your duty to listen carefully for flight/travel announcements and to pay regard to the information screens in the terminal.

At airports standard opening of check-in desks is 3 hours prior to scheduled time of departure. We recommend that passengers check in two hours prior to scheduled departure. Check-in desks close strictly 1 hour before scheduled departure. Failure of this will result in you being denied boarding to the flight.

Tickets may be supplied to you electronically in which case you may print the online confirmation page for your records, alternatively tickets may be sent by registered mail, where time permits, or arrangements may be made for the collection of tickets from the airport from an authorised agent.

In the case of e mailed tickets you must bring all pages of the emailed itinerary (including flight tickets page 2), which were sent to you shortly after booking online, or the paper tickets (along with any accompanying vouchers and or confirmation of additional services you have booked through us such as car parking voucher, car hire voucher etc.) that were sent to the postal address supplied to us at the time of booking. All tickets or pages of the itinerary should be presented along with your passport and any relevant travel documents at check-in. Failure to do so may result in you being denied travel. This is especially important overseas. Please ensure you check your travel details and the important information on the itinerary and remember to check your email for any changes to your flight.

You risk being unable to obtain a boarding card without this documentation and we shall not be responsible for any consequences of a boarding card being refused.

Travel Insurance

It is advisable to take out insurance, at the time of booking, suitable for your needs before you travel. We cannot be responsible for any costs you incur as a result of failing to do so. For your own peace of mind the insurance should cover you if you have to cancel your flight or other holiday arrangements and for any emergencies which arise while you are away.

Ensure that you read the policy details carefully before you travel and make sure that you take them with you when you travel.

Travel Documents

Ensure that you have a valid passport or travel document before travelling and ensure that it remains valid during the period of your stay abroad.

It is the responsibility of passengers to ensure they have valid, acceptable passports and any other documentation, for the travel they are to undertake.

Passengers without the correct documentation may be refused carriage by the airline or entry into any country. Where entry is refused, fines or other financial penalty will be imposed on or by the airline and the passenger(s) concerned will be required to immediately return to their country of departure. Any passenger who travels without the required passport/visa/other documentation is solely responsible for and must immediately pay all fines, surcharges, other financial penalty, costs (including the cost of their immediate return flight) and any other sums of any description which are incurred or imposed by the airline or incurred by ourselves. This will be the case regardless of whether the lack of correct documentation is spotted at the departure airport. We can accept no liability in this situation and no compensation, expenses, refund or other sum will be paid.

Your flight ticket will not be honoured and will lose its validity if the flights are not taken in the sequence provided in the ticket, and we will not be held liable for refunds or compensation in this case.

If you have pre-booked car hire or intend to hire a car whilst at your destination you will be asked to present your driving licence and credit card when you go to collect your car. Further identification, such as a passport may also be required.

Baggage Allowance

You should ensure that you check your baggage allowances before travelling to the airport and ensure that you comply with all security arrangements and directives from time to time in place. A failure to comply with these directions may result in you being refused travel. We can accept no liability in this situation and no compensation, expenses, refund or other sum will be paid.

Partial Use of Tickets

Where a client has purchased a ‘round trip’ ticket and for any reason has failed to use the outbound part of that ticket or proposes to only use a part of the ticket then without more the entire ticket is invalid.

In the event that the client wishes to use only a part of a round trip ticket then in order to validate the ticket the client must notify us within 96 hours of departure. In that event we will use our best endeavours to validate the ticket with the relevant airline/ferry company.

In the event of non notification or a failure to receive a validated ticket then you may be refused travel in which case we can accept no liability and you will not be entitled to compensation, expenses, refund or any other sum.


All transfers are arranged with fully licensed and insured vehicles being usually taxis or mini buses. We exercise all reasonable care in selecting capable personnel but the company disclaims any liability whatsoever for loss or damage caused by accident or however when you are in transit.

Building Works

From time to time, building work and its associated noise is unavoidable. We do not control such work, and we do not receive advance notice of when it will begin. Where we are aware of such building work, we will notify you as soon as possible if we think that said works will affect your holiday.

Excursions and Resort Services

We may provide you with information (on our website and our brochure and/or when you are away) about activities and excursions which are available to purchase through independent suppliers in the area you are visiting. Where we have not agreed to arrange, provide or perform these activities or excursions as part of our agreement with you, subject to these booking conditions, we do not accept any responsibility for them even where we suggest or recommend a particular operator or supplier and/or assist you in any way in booking such activities or excursions. Some resort facilities, such as shops, restaurants, communal pools, water sports and water parks etc may not operate at all times and you should ask if such a facility is important to you. We accept no liability should any facility be closed.